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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dr. Martin Luther King

Hello Super-Stars! I hope you are all doing well. When I started this web site and blog I can't say Dr. King was my inspiration but, as this weekend heralds his birthday, and I reflect upon the impact he had on the world and the civil rights movement, I can definitely say that I think his life's mission was centered in promoting equality for ALL through Love, Civility and Peace.

It's apparent that his work must continue; I was saddened this week to hear someone using derogatory language towards the African-American community. My response was, "Shame, shame, shame." This person then said, "I'm a Southerner and will always be a Southerner..." Again, I said, "Shame, shame, shame." It is time to put these discrimination's behind us...time to realize the value of ALL people...time to remember that we are ALL important parts of the puzzle we call the Universe. Please let go of our differences and embrace a more thoughtful and civil life path...where all the peoples of the world are respected...where those who are discriminated against, also realize they are perpetuating the same against those who are different, and, where Love, Civility and Peace reigns above all else.

Words do not adequately express how important Dr. King's work was, and still is, to the world. The ripple effect of his life's journey will continue for all time. God bless you were a true Super Star! Happy Birthday to the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!

In love & light and, much appreciation,
Glenna :-)

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